Writing Tip

Here is a tip I wrote a post about on a friend’s blog. It has a little to do with the WRITE NOW topic.

Here is the tip:

Look around you. Where are you? At home, at school, at work? Are you somewhere you go everyday? Or are you someplace in which you have never been to before?😡

If you are at an everyday place~ take in your surroundings. Is there a stray pencil rolling on the floor? Is there a tipped over chair? Is your bed in a new location? Small and big things are important to take in when writing. Your character may not notice a small pencil out of place, but may notice a chair tipped over (average character). Or they might notice everything (observant character) or not see anything (blunt character). It’s important for your character to see change. πŸ˜‘

If you are someplace you have never been to before. Ask yourself how your character would see it after building off their reaction to small change. Are they awed? Are they non-reacting? Do they jump up in happiness? What do they do? πŸ˜•

Surroundings and reactions are a big part in making your character.

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