Train Of Thought

Follow your mind

Follow your ideas

Follow your instincts

Follow your brain

Follow your thoughts

Follow yourself (hah, got it)

Listen to yourself. Look around your surroundings. What does your mind tell you. Take note of every idea, instinct, thoughts, or plot. Write it down. The odds are- your gonna need them sometime. Look around this blog, go through old posts, find something that sparks your mind. 

Here are a couple things that might help you:

#1- Always have something to write with/something to write on 

#2- Imagination!!!!!!!!!!

#3- Inspiration!!!!!!!!!! Does this help? ⬇️

#3- Be alert. Great ideas are everywhere

#4- Practice much? Get writing

#5- Goal! Set daily/weekly/monthly goals for yourself. Pages/words/paragraphs/stories. 

I hope this sparked your mind to go beyond what you tight you could do. 

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