Checking Back In

Hello their fellow readers, bloggers, writers and people who are just visiting this site:

I am so sorry I haven’t been updating for a while. I have been busy on WATTPAD (my username is @iowareadsandwrites). I have created a story on there ( that is a guide to writing. I made sure that the blog and the story worked well together as “partners“. I hope you enjoy the story and forgive me that I didn’t update. I also have the app: POCKET WRITERS. My username is also @iowareadsandwrites. Please follow, vote, comment and like my stories on both apps.

On that note, I have some news. Some of you (I hope most of you), know the author Dori Hillestad Butler. She wrote some children’s novel such as the Do You Know the Monkey Man series and some other novels. I met her today, in fact I’m going to say some things she explained to us.

  • She got rejected by publishers over 900 times
  • She got $365.00 dollars for getting her worked published at young age in a magazine
  • It takes about 4 years to get a picture book published
  • Inspiration is not where you work or in one sitting. It’s outside- get up and explore

She explained to us the process of getting published and how long it took. Butler also showed us about how much each person got. For example, if a book sold for $15.00 dollars, the publisher would get more than the author. The author only got $0.50 cents!

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