Summer’s Arise 

Well, the January’s days of winter are over. 

February’s toasty fire place hours are done. 

March’s bitter weather is through. 

April’s indecisive weather is gone. 

And now…

May’s fresh start of summer. 

Like they say, 

“April showers bring May flowers!”

Maybe it’s true. April was full of days of warmth and flowers and plenty of days of frowning, rainy days. Those days are thankfully over. We can now appreciate the flowers, bugs, plants and more. We can start saying,

“It really is summer now, summer has begun!”

Summer is also full of ideas and inspiration. You can get plenty of ideas from just looking outside. Summer had ideas, growth, inspiration and new beginnings. 

I want to hear your poems, short stories and novels. Comment previews or just comment your whole story. In fact- I’ll even write a poem. If you go to the poetry page on this blog, you can find examples of poems from season changes. Go ahead, set your spark and write!

Here is my poem on summer coming: 


The wind calls out a breeze sweeps down

Brush the grass and nourish the seeds

Calm the alley cats down by the streets

Return the waves to the sea shore

Give back the sunny days of out door play

The golden days of lemonade are back

The golden weeks of barbecue are back

The golden months of fireflies darting through the night

Are back

Summer arose

It’s back

For sure

Well, that was my poem. I hope you enjoy. 

And remember to share your poems and works of art. 


You can finally arise summer and we can finally say,
“Summer has officially kicked off!”


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