Summer Poetry Contest

Well, I’m back after a while. Sorry about not updating very often, I was (again) busy with Wattpad and my story there. Anyway- enough chit-chat, I have something to share with you fellow bright minded writers, bloggers and readers.

I have decided to create a contest!!! 

This will be the first contest I have created on WordPress. 

Here is how it will go:

This is a short poetry contest. Your poetry can be free verse to haiku. Any kind is accepted. It needs to be under 12 lines and here’s the catch. It has to be about…


That’s right, a 12 line, any kind poem about summer. All you have to do is write it, then post it in the comments part of this blog post. I will read it then share the winner on June 05, 2015 (or around that time). At least three people need to enter. So tell your friends and family about this blog, share it! 


Tell it to as many people you can! Ok, back on topic. The contest.

The first (and only winner) place winner will receive a dedication on my blog and Wattpad (if they gave an account). And I will give their story 2 votes on Wattpad (again, if they have a story and account). 

The prizes are subject to changing due to non-Wattpaders. 

Enjoy the contest and



5 thoughts on “Summer Poetry Contest

  1. Fin d’apres-midi
    L’air humide
    Le vol des insectes
    Le vent se leve
    Fraicheur soudaine
    Un éclair, puis deux
    Des gouttes de pluie
    Un orage violent et court
    La route trempée
    Le goudron mouillé
    L’odeur de l’été
    Je suis en vacances


  2. Broong Broong ,
    The lawn boy with the lawn mower,

    Zzi~Re~ zzi-re,
    The green choir member Cicada,

    Ding deng ding,
    The rainbow ice cream Truck,

    Let the music begin into the summer,
    Through the sleepless night,
    Heat waves, Moon dances, Stars sparkle,

    Are you tuned in?

    –i heart💗summer radio-


  3. Summer-
    How much fun you’ll have in summer
    You can ride your scooter
    You can roll over hills
    You can can ride your bicycle
    To your friend’s house
    You can play with your friends
    You can jump


  4. thanks to everyone who has entered. I will try to judge as soon as possible, thanks again 😝

    Your poem was a great in French 🎓

    Nice job describing summer sounds 🌾

    Short and sweet 🌸

    You can jump! That made me laugh 😋

    Thanks to all of you 😍


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