Author Interviews

As I was saying on a blog post that I might create an Author Interview page, well, this is it. Enjoy it and if you have questions for these authors, just add a comment πŸ˜‡

This first interview is with Eileen Spinelli:

When you write a book, who do you imagine reading it? I write for children–so I have those youngreaders in mind when I’m writing a story.

How do you come up with writing ideas? A lot of my writing ideas come from my own
childhood–but also from our children and
grandchildren…newspaper articles…nature…
almost any experience can trigger an idea.

How do you get inspiration? Music, nature, my family and a good book.

Do you think hard to get an idea, or does it flow to you? Sometimes ideas flow. Sometimes I struggle.

Who reads your stories before going to a publisher? My husband is also an author. We share our writing with each other before sending work to a publisher.

Who is YOUR favorite author? My husband, Jerry Spinelli, is my favorite

Where is your best writing atmosphere? I like writing in my office. It’s cozy and familiar.

What is your favorite writing genre? My favorite is poetry.
When did you start writing? I started writing stories and poems at age 6.

From the stories you wrote, which are your top 5 favorites? I hesitate to say “favorites”…but here are five that seem timely to me right now:

NORA’S ARK–because we recently had a
lot of rain.
COLD SNAP–because it’s also been cold and
because it’s almost Valentine’s Day.
WHERE I LIVE…because we are moving soon.
GOD’S AMAZING WORLD …because it’s one of my latest.

Abd that’s it for the interview! Thank you Eileen Spinelli! Please comment or write a little here! πŸ˜„


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