About Me, Buddies and Guestbook

So, this is where you are able to sign your name in the guest book, or get a writing buddy, (both by commenting!)

To sign your name in the guest book~

– Write your name and how you found this blog and your favorite part of the blog (posts, pages etc.)

To find a writing buddy~

– Write your name, favorite writing genre, have you published anything, what you are looking for in a partner and fill out your email NOT in the actual comment but in the “to comment” area (where you fill in your name and website, etc.)~~ Then I will email you your partner (partner in writing, NOT crime)

Now that you have a chance to introduce yourself, I will tell you a little about me!

I’m iowareadsandwrites and I love to, well, read and write! I have a dog and I also love to dance, do gymnastics and sing (a lot)

I am on WATTPAD and on POCKET WRITER. @iowareadsandwrites is my username for both. 


5 thoughts on “About Me, Buddies and Guestbook

  1. Cou cou (French way of saying “hey”) guess who I am. Here are some clues.
    1. I like spicy food and drink a cup of coffee with lots of milk in the morning.
    2. I (usually) go with the flow and you could call me a “cool cat”.
    3. I used to write and read lots of poems at young age and still have lots of random writing impulses.
    4. I walk the dog at least 3 times a day and get very annoyed by people who are inconsiderate.
    5. I am a believer of free spirit and love being in the air.
    6. My favorite word is compassion.(my guide through the yoga practice)
    7. I like reading magazine over the real book at this point of my life. My favorite magazine is LIVING.
    8. I am not a secret admirer of this blog. There’s no secret that I love this blog! And admire the owner.
    Who am I??😌


  2. Thank you Omma, for introducing yourself to fellow bloggers and I! I hope you keep visiting this blog and share the link with others!πŸ˜‹

    Please keep commenting and stay tuned for more 😻


  3. Hi!

    I guess I found you through Wattpad haven’t really checked out your blog yet but I can already tell that I’ll love it. πŸ˜€


  4. @VampirePegasus
    Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog. I haven’t been active on my blog lately, but I’ll do my best. Is there anything you want me to write about? Also, have you checked out my writing guide book on Wattpad? It’s called To Write. Thanks xx


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