Poetry is Music to Words

Hullo (again)

This time, on this page, you and I will work together. We will BOTH WRITE on this page, BOTH COMMENT, and BOTH HELP each other out. That is because, on this page we will just simply write poems, any poems from haiku to rhyming poems. Just make sure they are appropriate and not too personal.


5 thoughts on “Poetry is Music to Words

  1. Poem:

    Dreary days drag on,
    Mile long dark nights
    Fingernail short daytime
    No golden patch of light in the sky,
    Just an ice orb illuminates the night,
    At night,
    Where all sleep,
    In our shells
    Our shells of quiet,
    Of peace,
    Of cozy
    Our shells of hibernation,
    Through the bleary days come forth
    Remember us,
    We’re warm,
    We’re quiet,
    We always watch you from our shadowed corners
    Ready to leap from winter to spring
    To jump out when the berries are ripe
    To pounce at the sound of birds chirping
    Brining the melody onward,
    Onward toward spring.


  2. Afternoon-

    Knock knock,
    Who’s there?

    Noon who?

    Noon who comes after morning,
    Noon who get love trapped by sun and moon,
    Noon who bring you back the warm nest and undresses your day traces

    Noon who?

    Noon, the Afternoon


  3. Yesterday,
    we were singing in the car together.

    we sat by the window and sipped through the warm bowl of soups together.

    we hunted out the pretty blue the t-shirt from the clearance rack together.

    Where are you?

    we shall search every corner of gray aired sky, looking for you.

    We see you, you are there.

    You are just under that stretch of the snow blanket.

    3pm today, DMS, iowa,
    100% chance of snow

    Snow, snow….snow


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