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Read It, to Love It (aha, finally, I got it)

Hullo (as I say ‘hello’), ‘Welcome to Iowa Reads and Writes’. This is a page that will display a variety of different books that you might enjoy. This will include book commercials, summaries, spoilers (optional^~^) and photos. Hopefully, you will enjoy these books (maybe even love them) and keep reading more books.

So… Read it  to love it (hence the name)


8 thoughts on “Read More, (and More) Books

  1. Pie

    By: Sarah Weeks

    ICCA (Iowa Children Choice Award)

    This story is about this girl’s great aunt who is a generous lady with the best pie recipes ever. So when she died every body wants the recipe. And Alice (the girl) and this boy (who is Alice’s friend) want the recipe too. But somebody stole the recipe.

    Spoiler Coming—

    So Alice and the boy go on an adventure and mystery to find out where the recipe is and who robbed it. Turns out this competition lady took the recipe.

    Foot Note: There are many recipes in the book so you can back the great aunt’s famous pies.


  2. Summer of the Gypsy Moths
    By: Sarah Pennypacker

    Stella loves staying at her great aunt’s house, by the sea shore, till her aunt takes on s foster child named Angel (who is definitely NOT an angel). One day Louise (the great aunt) dies and the 2 girls keep it a secret and take care of her job.

    Spoiler Alert—

    Then Stella realizes she’s doing something not right, wrong. So she calls the police what’s going on. But, during this time the girls now became friends.


  3. The PS Brothers


    2 best friends pick up dog poop as a business to get enough money to buy a dog of their own.

    Spoiler coming—

    They collect enough only to realize that the owner of the fog they are buying from is a mean dog fighting ring trader who abuses dogs. So they save the poor puppies and finally buy a dog of their own at a real pet store.

    Foot Note- these are all for younger readers.


  4. Ninth Ward
    By: Jewell Parker Rhodes

    Lanesha lives with her spiritual grandmother in a small town. She and her grandma can see ghosts.

    Spoiler alert~~

    Hurricane Katrina floods in. Everyone leaves town and Lanesha’s grandma dies. Lanesha and her friend try to survive Katrina. By living in the attic, packing, sleeping on roofs and dangerous tricks on trees.


  5. Waiting For The Magic
    By: Patricia Maclacnlan

    This story is about kids and their mom getting 4 dogs and one cat to fill in for their runaway dad.

    Spoiler alert~~

    One by one they can talk to the dogs and understand them. Then the dad comes back and her new baby is coming and they adopt and they adopt a new dog.


  6. Year Of The Book
    Andrea Cheng

    Anna tries to find a new friend as her old friend hangs out with others and has family problems.

    Spoiler Alert~~

    She stumbles through Chinese and changes at school. She gets easily captured by books and reads to calm her self.


  7. Saving Zasha
    By Randi Barrow

    Mikhail and his family find a German Shepherd and keep him, which is a great risk, everyone in Russia hates German things including dogs.

    Spoiler Alert~~

    So when a nosy reporter, and dog thieves try to take the dog away, they get help from a kennel owner and the police


  8. Hisssssss
    Eric Kimmel

    Omar really wants a snake but his mom has a huge phobia of snakes. But they decide on the rules and Omar gets a snake. But when the snake gets loose, Omar has to find it.

    Spoiler alert~~

    When he finally does, his mom get over the fear of snakes and Omar is happy to find a snake.


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