Recommended Books and Authors

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I will be posting links to great book lists and links to great authors sites. You don’t have to read these books (or like these authors), but they are very widely known and loved very much.

Here is a link to a hard book list  More advanced reader list and preferably more for adults:

This link is for young readers a Young Adult’s reading list and preferably for teens and (well) young adults:

This link is for younger kids Young Readers, age 8 to 12

This is for author Eileen Spinelli’s webpage.

This link is to author Kate Milford’s blog, she writes books for ages 10(young reader) to 16 (young adult) :

You all know J.K. Rowling… Well it’s her website:

Jessica Day George is very well known too, and here is her site (she also has a blog you can check out at her site)

Well, who could have forgotten, Gail Carson Levine? She has a blog and a site:

And here is a book list for small children Very Young Readers, ages ranging from 2 (read alouds) to 10 (there are some young reader books).

Website for very young reader’s (2 to 8) all time favorite<<>> Eric Carle :


One thought on “Recommended Books and Authors

  1. Do you know any other links or websites about other authors that are well known or are your favorites? Post the link here and if I ok it, you might see it on this page or I might even do a blog post about it! 🙂


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